About Us


I am Namran Hussin , I am a software engineer who love to write codes.

I have been writing computers codes and software since 2006.
At time when am not writing codes I would also maintain a set of linux servers.

Mostly are to enable delivering a reliable web-based services through out the internet 24×7 a day.

Academic Background

My academic background so far :

  • MSc in Computer Science from UiTM,Shah Alam,Selangor. (2016)
  • BSc in AeroSpace Engineering from USM,Engineering Campus,Penang. (2005)

My current position(s) :

Senior Software Engineer at Online Travel Agency .
I am based in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Other definition of myself is :

Programmer with passion in linux, webservices and cloud computing platform.


love to learn new thing.. obtain new knowledge is my hobby.. 🙂


Track records:

MY previous working experience are as follows:

1 year with Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd  as System Engineer..

for Tsunami Early Warning project..

mainly maintain the communication link..

I had more than 5 years experiences with Techsense Solutions Sdn Bhd.. as Software Engineer..

develop various system for Meteorological based solutions..
namely :

i. Central Collection Centre (CCC) — RDBMS Database project.

ii. Lightning Risk & Mitigation Alert System (KILAT) — Realtime alert.

iii. Geographical – Real-Time Display Applet (GeoRTD) — Java Development. based on GeoServer (WMS)

iv. Aqusition engine (AQsense) features  for binary query ( AQquery ) –  C++ Development.  implemented under
embedded system .. ARMS .

Familiar with these development language :

  1. HTML.
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL.
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. Perl
  6. C++
  7. Bash scripting .
    and bit of ..
    Python … Perl-Tk… TCL-tk.. ASP .. aspx…

and based on these operating sytem..
CentOS4 – RHEL4 equivalent..

Windows 2000.

also Windows XP..

and bit of working experience with…
Sun Solaris 8… SPARC ..

Thank you for stopping by.


P/s; at the mean time I am still love learning new stuff, and web services is one of rapidly growing fields.