How did I “rooted” my Nexus One to use Custom ROM – CM with 1-click

It was simplier than I thought.

All I did use is the 1-click method …
as explained at here..

I just download and install the “UniversalAndroot-1.6.2-beta5.apk”
After few minute playing with SoftRoot,
backing up the whole data with “Titanium Backup” app ,
then I decided to flash it permanently…

After flashing with RecoveryMod successfully , I installed the “ROM Manager” , downloaded from market.
then just choose CM 6.0.0 stable release..

the step is based on this article ..
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Caution: Installing CyanogenMod will erase everything on your phone. You will have to reinstall any non-market apps and you will lose all your contacts and emails and messages, unless you first back it up with Titanium Backup in the market.

Note: I am not responsible for any damage you make to your phone. This is only a guide and by no means the complete and only way to flash CM.

Warning: If you flash CM, you will have to update your radio to the new one released with 2.2 unless you already updated it. Flashing this wrong could brick your phone and I am not responsible for any damages that occur to your device. I’m not going to into how to flash the radio. From here on out, I’m going to assume you already have the Froyo radio.

Once you root, the simplest way to install CM6 would be to download ROM Manager from the market and flash the recovery. Here are the steps:
1. Plug in your power cable and root using the 1-click root.
2. Search for ROM Manager on Market and Install
3. Open the app and allow the app to gain root access
4. Click the “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and wait until the progress bar is finished.
5. It might freeze or ask permissions midway or not work at all. In this case, just click the button again.
6. Then click the Download ROM under ROM Management of ROM Manager and select CyanogenMod.
7. Select the one you want. CM 6.0.0 are all Froyo 2.2 Release Candidates so may have bugs. CM 5.0.8 is the last stable release of Eclair 2.1
8. In edition to downloading CM, make sure you download the corresponding Google Apps as CM does not include GApps for copyright and licensing issues.
9. Afterwords, go back to the main menu and select “Install ROM from SD Card”.
10. Navigate to clockworkmod/download/… until you get to the ROM. It should be named somewhat like
11. Click on it and click Add Zip. Then navigate to clockworkmod/download/… until you get to the GApps. It should be named somewhat like
12. Click that and click OK.
13. When it prompts, choose to backup before flashing and give the backup a name like “Stock N1 Rooted”. Also choose to clear data and dalvik-cache.
14. Wait. It’ll reboot and go into the clockwork recovery and automatically queue and flash the two zips. Keep waiting until it reboots again.
15. Welcome to Cyanogen Mod.


within few minutes all done..

successfully rooted with CM ROM .. then I was installing the OpenVPN and market Enabler.


Multiple Desktop..


p/s : ..then my phone can do a lot of amazing thing.. including ..WORKS! haha

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2 Responses

  1. dotsha says:

    Or just sync your SMS to gmail, and keep it there for reference … easier to search too.

    Can even search for it via the gmail app on the phone.

  2. namran says:

    Yeap.. I got “SMS Backup” installed.

    Which sync the SMS to my Gmail account with Label “SMS”.
    However, that only taken care of my SMS text.

    Not included my MMS photos.. !


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