Nexus One a review after few weeks

Oh well, I had been using Google Nexus One for quite while by now.

So far, I am very happy with it… didn’t start rooting it yet.

first few minutes after turning it on.. its popped up a notification saying
Android 2.2 (Froyo) is ready to be installed. (as was already downloaded in the process!)
there are a lot of feature that is new for me..
ya lah.. migrating from my k530i sony ericsson .. into a “touchable” device.. hahaha.!

the screen looks like this.

yeah.. it’s multiple desktop too..

system info ..

then .. some app inside..

haha.. SMS scheduler !?

anyway these are few app that i had downloaded from market that seem very useful for me.

1. Astro File Manager.

2. Astro SMB Module Extension ( Plugin )

3. Connect Bot (SSH Client)
– the port forwarding feature also works and very useful
4. Terminal emulator.

first command to send was “ping”

then find ways to send ctrl-C .. hahaa..

.. have to hold the track ball and touch a capital “C” in android keyboard screen. voila !

5. Google Voice !!

6. App Brain
this one did a good job to synchronize the app list and also perform automatic reinstall of all downloaded app ..
after a “reset to factory default”. (personally tested once)

7. Gesture Search (search everything using gesture)

6. Google Reader
very useful indeed
– except it happened to cache 100 post per feed by default.. somehow slowing down during opening if you more than 10 feed .

10. Flash 10.1 !! ( this is the first app that I installed.!)

11. Terminal Emulator.
12. Fring
this was used to have video call support but with recent update.. no more video. *sigh*

13. Of course facebook for android.
14. APN on/off
– this to ammend the APN for mobile access. i think at some point of time will have fixed monthly data package of my mobile.
last week tested with a “Weekly Broadband – RM 20”.. and very useful as this one can behave as “wifi hotspot!”
so my wife can get her “phone” online too via my wifi ..
13. Wifi Connect ( this allow web login for wifi)
– tested at Mc D damansara damai.. spend a nice 30minute or so there. haha
14. Last FM ( not quite used to it yet as always left my earphone at home )
15. Navigator ( didn’t realized I was using this app until someone shows me to try google voice action “navigate to deluxe”? )

16. Of course google map and the latitude !!

well… that’s all for now..
p/s : sorry for the late update.. as I am quite distracted at the moment.. hehehe..

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