Google Adsense..

It took me almost 3years to reach $10 USD ..income from Google Adsense..
and barely pass the threshold to verify as a Publisher for Google Adsense.
May be it was because , not consistent or barely do it ?

Only today,received an email from Google saying that a PIN (Personal Identification Number) have been recently sent via standard mail to my snail-mail address. It would took 2-3 weeks to reach… bla..bla..
detail here []..

Hmm.. and the threshold for the payment to be released is $100 USD..
Wonder how long it will take to reach that level from the current state..

hahaha.. the $10 for 3three years.. kinda not that impressive at all.
But well.. I am doing this not only because of money anyway.. so doesn’t bother much.. may be that’s why still not becoming a millionaire or whatsoever at this moment..

Lol.. kinda stuck with the ‘Rat race’.. for quite some more years to go.. i think..

But “Thank God”.. for what “He” had given to me all this while..

p/s : sometime.. it is not the money that really matter so much.. 😉

Gonna write something about Adsense and all this stuff a lil’bit later..
for now..

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