Making Sense of Money

I read a book with title “Making sense of Money .. “..
and it claim to be financially explained in a layman term.

Making Sense of Money..
Making Sense of Money..

somehow reminding me about something at my childhood age.
at some urban area of Kelantan on year 1989-1990

whenever a student(age 7-8years) asked about math

what is the sum of 5+7 ? .. he then said don’t know how to count..
then.. the guy change the question a bit..

“sebelum keluar rumah, katakanlah dalam poket kamu sudah ada 50sen ..
selepas itu apabila pakcik Atan memberi kamu sebanyak 50sen ..
kemudian makcik Aminah memberi kamu pula sebanyak 20sen lagi ..
Jadi,berapakah duit yang kamu ada sekarang ?”

[ad#postad] and the boy without fail answer it correctly with superfast calculation “Seringgit dan dua puluh sen..”

there you go .. when telling the math problem by attributing it with something we use everyday
(in this case money)..
a lot of thing getting easier to be understood.

Doesn’t that more likely sound like “Making sense of Math with money “.. instead of the other way around.. hehehe…

A lot of thanks & appreciation for all the dedicated teacher that enduring a challenging living at very urban area in order to spread the knowledge to the next generation. [i know it will not be sufficient ever..]

that is what matters to “get me here today..”

p/s : Err.. when are we gonna celebrating “Teacher’s Day ” again, it is no public holiday right …?

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