How to add CNAME into BIND using webmin interface

Sometime it is easier to add a CNAME record to our DNS server via some DNS Manage interface.
Instead of keep adding A record for each new server , we just maintain one record with IP while the rest of it
just a list of CNAME record.. if happen to change the IP address. only one record need to be updated
instead of the whole bunch of record.. but it may took longer time to be effective..
which is more or less not so vary using other type of record too.

ok. for the one using webmin to manage DNS record.
there is no “CNAME record manage” per say.. but it had “ALIAS” which did the exactly the same thing..
managing the “CNAME record”..

just the tricky part to add it .
it must be exactly as the following rules :

1. only type the subdomain without the FQDN (Fully qualified domain name).
i.e if want to for “ ” just type “www”

2. the destination MUST end with a dot.
i.e “” NOT the “”
as the later will NOT work!

then… verify it is added correctly before applying changes to BIND.

then it shall response to dig request as below :

which is almost immediately if querying to that particular DNS server directly..
for querying using other DNS server you might need to wait for it to propagate first.

p/s : .. pretty weird.. isn’t it ?

hopefully can write on setting up DNS server at home .. shortest path .. afterwards.. haha

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