How to turn off the remote management on Unify Wifi router

I don’t know why the world had made fuss over this.
But certainly TM had their reason to have the remote management enabled after the first installation.

I could understand, possibly sometime it could be just misconfiguration had messed up, hence customer would get disconnected.

This is based of my own experience with some of our customer did actually change the network setting on a FIXED IP router after we left the site after installation. And guess what? the customer did made BIG noise about it after it render the system to be useless after that. i.e what to expect.. when they changed the FIXED IP routing into a DHCP mode, and would you expect all the port forward will still work ?

I was able to diagnose/collect evidence and understand the “what-had-change” is because remote management was enabled. Imagine what would happened if the remote management was disabled. I guess would be needed another 2-3 trip wasting time trip just to address some “stupid but acting smart” customer..

However to disable it , is just quite simple.
Just go to Maintenance->Device Administration-> Remote Management.

Untick it. Save !


I was like WTH! that wasn’t even crack/hack lah…
is a normal feature with such a router.

“Just disable it lah” then (if s0meone is pretending to be so smart ) I don’t think someone with enough network-enabled knowledge would had missed out this ..!

p/s : .. shut the f**k up.!

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