Earth Hour snapshot @ Office workbench.

Just another random post for the Earth Hour 2009..

before light off..start turn-off..Completely off...

I should really have use a proper tripod for this purpose… haha..

p/s : Hmm.. a discussion today lead to recalling the definition & differences between “Xylem“[wikipedia] and “Phloem[]” ..

somehow trying  to explain the rational of  “how to keep  a red rose[] a little bit keeping it into water containing sugar element..”..
may be this is why kelantanese[] boys somehow prefer to be with a girl from same state rather than from other part of the whole world…..(felt a lot easier to explain using same language we learn during high-school..especially whenever it come to the matter that may need recalling such old thing that we had left far behind.. 😎 )

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One Response

  1. ahstod says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!So rajin to start work this year!

    If 23:59 when you reach toll gate … drive slower … as if you exit after midnight got 10% discount.


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