Learning the art of letting go

Well .. after some period of time. Some of thing couldn’t be ours anymore.
Some goes to someone else life.

But, that is not the thing that I would like to discuss today.
This is more to the real thing that become like a Memorabilia for us.

Sometimes, it would be so difficult to let go because of its sentimental values and whatsoever undefined portion of this area regardless how many advices, talk from others that you might had received.
That thing remain with you unless we decided to change.

I learnt something new few days back.
Here’s how it start..

On the Chinese New Year holiday of the year 2009.
Somewhere around 27th January 2009, woke up in the morning ..
just to found out the car had been stolen.

No sign of force entry , no broken mirror/glass on the parking slot.
Yeah.made police report within the same day.

after one year, still feel kinda attached to it,
and still looking around , hoping for it to be found.
until the day I decided to do something else..
somewhere November 2010.. I was rushing to get prepared for my first Umrah.

That morning my phone been ringing at 8.30AM.
a police from IPD Gombak called.. and asked about the prelude.
So, I just told him it was lost few years ago.. no insurance claim.
no nothing.. the he replied.. the car is now at the police compound.
need you to come and take it as we’re now need the space for new building construction..
a bit shock.. and yes, I arrange for new temporary tyre and tow-truck to mobilize it
out of the police compoud by December 2010.

After that , I was kinda not around for a while..
the next thing I know… got a notice from the apartment management..
to move the “stale” car or risk being taken to “scrap” with co-operation of MBPJ.
Oh well.. notice put up on 15 Feb 2011 and end-date was 26th Feb 2011.

Looking at my financial and few other thing..
decided not worth to repair as it may require at least around RM 10k.
to rebuild… heck..

then.. choose the other way around.. SELL it.
so.. after asked around.. put up the ads into mudah.my.

within 2 days. I had sold my car with the price slight above RM 2k.
car was towed away on 28th February 2011.. legally signed a piece of paper to let it go.
and that’s it..!

after few days… hmm. nothing happened.
and the money spent accordingly..
feel like one of possibly a finance draining-holes being patched.

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  1. Nuqillft says:

    A few months

  2. Pwbjhudc says:

    I’m afraid that number’s ex-directory arquivosexual
    I NEED a WhiteGirl like this!


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