replacing my k300i.

now i think it is time to change my handphone ..

currently is sony ericson k300i.. since June 2005.


now did’nt vibrate.. screen got missing lines..a bit harder to read sms..

incoming call sometime got ring sometime no..

else it is still fine..

can use MidSSH  java app to get into my server via SSH2.

play some java game..

took pictures.. and some 3gp video..

it was on GPRS though..

now thinking to replace it with k530i  and the price is RM 475 @ Kelantan..

dunno should wait to go to KL first or not.

because here can still negotiate the price upto RM 450 .. with 1GB Memory (M2). ~

anyway M2 memory card is just RM 48 for 1 Gb. ..


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