upgrade to centos 5

after a night of unsuccessful of online upgrade to centos 5.

due to limitation of disk space of /

somehow its required more than what i have to upgrade.

of course when something break while upgrading.. 😛

then I re-do with a clean install..


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2 Responses

  1. Ikram A Samad says:


    2 tahun lepas saya ada involve dgn satu project guna fedora core 6 and install webmail guna squirellmail. Stable juga. FC 10 dan FC 11 nie ok tak.Ada featu

  2. Ikram A Samad says:

    Ada features yang lebih menarik tak macam LAN monitoring, network printing(supported printer dan driver), file sharing dengan windows client (50 clients semuanya). Thanks

    P/s saya mencari trainer fedora untuk 20 orang peserta. Installation dan basic application seperti yang saya maksudkan tadi? Berapa quotation?


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