XUbuntu Screenshot

I managed to download and try the xubuntu live today..

the one referred by http://ubuntu.com.my/ in the left menu link also pointing to http://www.ubuntu.com/products/GetUbuntu/download .. but the right menu link.. pointing to http://tw.releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/
which is unreachable at the moment..

may be have not tried hard enough .. unable to find nearer south-east-asia mirrors though..

finally downloaded the iso image from australia mirror ..

[Xubuntu ~ 600Mb ~ took about 11hour and 53minute to complete] Xubuntu from australia
at same time downloading ..
[CentOS 5.3 ~ 3.7GB ~ also completed in 14 hour and 16minute] CentOS 5.3 iso mirrored in Singapore.

[ad#postad] the example of direct HTTP iso link for xubuntu is as below.






xubuntu loading

and .. the desktop display came out..
desktop display

a nice icon popup at top right section .. saying network is disconnected..
clicking on it.. shows the available network..

clicking on my home wifi network .. it popup the request for and all..
enter network key
press connect..
and have to answer something bout the keyring…then connection established..


then i was trying to test the USB 3G modem (E220) provided by maxis broadband.

usb  3G modem detected..

woohoo~.. detected automatically ..

will post on how to configure maxis broadband on ubuntu in next post..
[to be continued..]

p/s : the Ubuntu effort is noticeable in GUI and user-friendly interface .. ~ very impressive ~

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