A short visit to Jakarta, Indonesia

I have been to Jakarta for 2nd time for the Official Project trip.

A lot of thing moving really fast..
and there also some other thing that stand-still regardless the wind and surrounding… the STONE.

The above is the close up view.

While the following is from a far..

All this for the “sesuap nasi”..

.. and we use the following to wash hand.

and eat a lot..

before we then walk again..

Nice .. 🙂

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One Response

  1. HawkEYE says:

    out of the 3 authority (MAS Immigration Dept, Shanghai Airport Immigration Dept, U.S Immigration Dept.)

    all three of us agree the Shanghai one is the most friendly officer.. can rate the officer with simple button right in front of each counter also.. except they really looking at you while comparing the photo at the passport..



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