Suria KLCC – Photoshoot at night

After the whole day of discussion of project implementation, API overview and sort of hands-on on python script and all..


the session ended flawlessly .. then we plan for some sight-seeing around KL..

.. we leave office around 7.30pm.. after having some satay at “Restoran Jejantas” @ Sg Buloh..
we took a look around KLCC for some night photoshoot.. 🙂


[ad#postad] klcc-from-ambank-side-view



… no SLR yet though,
it was quite a nice and long day ..
but as we walk around the KLCC..
we did talked bout a lot of things beyond the work scope..
until the time we drop-off at hotel again around 11pm..
( some interesting topic : 2nd highest building in the world ?.. family “divorce” matters… )

Burning topic :
Education at univ. ..
– How actually what been teach bout “Software Development Cycle” @ school was somehow impractical in real world scenario for business
– syllabus that just merely consist of limiting to just on learning how to use an specific “Tool” to do programming, would not help one to get a career after school… ( without proper thinking skill/and foundation in place… !! )

p/s : .. only today realized.. some of the issues are actually global .. and same thing is still happening everywhere.. darn… 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. HawkEYE says:

    public wifi access at departure hall seem very good. hehehe..
    now waiting for the next flight at 1345H .. boarding time is 1300H though.

  2. ahstod says:

    Lucky you didn’t get arrested for taking photo in airport …!

  3. HawkEYE says:

    even though shanghai was suppose to be just a transit..
    but can’t just pass through .. need check-in into china .. went out of arrival hall and check-out the the luggage ..
    so apparently can get outside of airport compound for 5hours and get in back for next flight boarding..

    wait for few hours.. re-boarding for san fransisco..
    recheck/tagged the luggage.. and no need re-tagged until PHX..

    at SFO after clearance with U.S custom , took the luggage then directly heading to the connecting domestic gate..
    Gate 74…wait for 2hour30minute..(boarding to domestic flight) another 2hours ..arrived PHX.. no check..
    pass through. claim baggage…(15minute) wait for the transport to hotel..(15minute).. wait for the suite to be ready, (1hour 15minute).


Anything to add?