Suria KLCC – Photoshoot at night

After the whole day of discussion of project implementation, API overview and sort of hands-on on python script and all..


the session ended flawlessly .. then we plan for some sight-seeing around KL..

.. we leave office around 7.30pm.. after having some satay at “Restoran Jejantas” @ Sg Buloh..
we took a look around KLCC for some night photoshoot.. 🙂


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… no SLR yet though,
it was quite a nice and long day ..
but as we walk around the KLCC..
we did talked bout a lot of things beyond the work scope..
until the time we drop-off at hotel again around 11pm..
( some interesting topic : 2nd highest building in the world ?.. family “divorce” matters… )

Burning topic :
Education at univ. ..
– How actually what been teach bout “Software Development Cycle” @ school was somehow impractical in real world scenario for business
– syllabus that just merely consist of limiting to just on learning how to use an specific “Tool” to do programming, would not help one to get a career after school… ( without proper thinking skill/and foundation in place… !! )

p/s : .. only today realized.. some of the issues are actually global .. and same thing is still happening everywhere.. darn… 🙂

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