How strong is your CORD

CORD here is for Collect & Capture, Organize, Review, Do.

It is not a magic, but a strong habit that keep us going.

We need to watch our daily habit, and keep the good ones and getting rid of the bad.

The book by Graham suggested that “simplify is the greatest sophistication”.

We need to have the reliable system to capture the daily thought so that we can focus our energy in the “Worker” mode. Knowing that our “Boss” mode is well preserved and always ready to get into bigger picture whenever necessary. It would ease of effort and also removing all the unnecessary worries of having something slipped out of the plate.

Switching context in between the task is no longer an affordable options.
Therefore a system that capable to capture those “random” thought is appreciated.

At the times where the “me” times is very limited, this system hopefully can make it better to paddle around the daily task and not missing the “big” rock.

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