The Honey from Mandalay

During my visit at Mandalay, (Myanmar) I managed to try the fresh honey collected by the villager there.
Without further hesitation , I bought one bottle to home.

I can’t remember how much it cost, I think is quite cheap over there.
It was fresh without packaging, provided the weather there at that moment is quite cold.

After few month, this is how its look like now.

Not much more left.. due to leak 🙂

Now I got some new stock from my friend ,who is now selling “Madu Tualang” as part timer.
small bottle cost RM35.. ~ 300gm

When asked for the web.. “search at blogspot”.

which is here ..

and someone responded “if not using own domain. its pretty much not serious into the business yet.”

But from their blogspot page. I think is pretty much a valid source.
but not yet set aside some income to improve their online presence ..

anyway , madu is good for health.

‘we are what we eat ‘

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