Bluetooth file transfer in CentOS 5

Having a  bluetooth enabled handphone which is used to took a lot of  picture but forgot to bring the usb cable everyday.

Again as the laptop also got bluetooth.. let’s try to get it working.

to get started..

you may need this package available in the your system first.

yum install  obexftp gnome-bluetooth

now need to test if the obexftp is working or not first.

sdptool browse

then.. from the address… try listing the folder in the hanphone first.

obexftp -b 00:1B:59:5E:E6:92 -c / -l

then change the directory respectively

[[email protected] bth]# obexftp -b 00:1B:59:5E:E6:92 -c /"Memory Stick"/"DCIM"/"100MSDCF" -l

to get  a file..

[[email protected] bth]# obexftp -b 00:1B:59:5E:E6:92 -c /"Memory Stick"/"DCIM"/"100MSDCF" -g "DSC13000.jpg"

to put a file

[[email protected] bth]# obexftp -b 00:1B:59:5E:E6:92 -c /"Memory Stick"/"MISC"/"Application" -p "MidpSSH.jar"


the rest of the command please consult

man obexftp

now for the easier use..

this time managed to rebuild the rpm from the rpm source… wonder why is not the DAG repo yet..

rpm -Uvh

restart the bluetooth service.

now from the file browser i.e nautilus.

can  just type obex:// at the location box.

and you can see the list of bluetooth device that had been successfully connect..


then from that just double-click and copy/paste whatever file you as if it is in local folder ..


bug & source rpms taken from :

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  1. azwan says:

    For the rest of us, I recommend easy thumbnails –

  2. leychay says:

    for the rest of us, he mean, WINDOWS user.
    hehehe~ 😉

    • HawkEYE says:

      yalah.. forgot to mention that was meant for linux user..
      you can try download live cd for ubuntu and burn into cd and reboot once.. 😎

      i think now ubuntu can also be installed directly on top of windows XP..
      and just behaving like another game.. hehe.. so easy to try ..


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