How to resize multiple image with single command

I tend to be lazy .. hehehehe..

sometime I took a lot of picture then later don’t know how to select and post ..
some more need to resize each one of them before publish or send out to somebody else..

figured out.. by creating a simple bash script file with following content :


for i in `ls  *.JPG`
convert -verbose -resize 50% -comment "(c) HawkEYE Expression's" $i resized_${i%%.*}.jpg

* Updated to fix the filename extension to lower-cased..

Then have make it executable .. before can use .. by issuing this command.

chmod a+x  ~/bin/

to use it..

cd ~/where/to/image_folder/
~/bin/ .

it will take every single JPG file in the folder and resized it by 50% .. and renamed to resized_original_name.jpg
quite handy when to handle let’s say 300+ images…

p/s : can remove verbose string if don’t want to know the progress of the conversion process..
btw .. dependencies is :

[root@nb-namran ~]# rpm -q --whatprovides /usr/bin/convert

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