How to get Papua New Guinea timezone setting for ntp in CentOS 5.4

.. the above title is already self-defined I think..

Ok, I was looking the proper setting for NTP (Network Time Protocol) stuff.
Ended up at the remote area of the Papua New Guinea.
If asked papa ‘Google’ on what is the ntp setting for Papua New Guinea.
it would lead to something as :


yes..that is correct.. but that is not what I am looking..
I am looking for something as such

MST-0800 for Malaysia equal to GMT+08

.. after few minute fiddling with it..
i think the answer for this is inside my laptop .. 🙂
then starting typing something like this to my terminal..

find / -iname "Papua"

a sec later.. eh wait..
why not just set my laptop timezone to Papua New Guinea with a nice timeconfig GUI and
locate the configuration file for localtime from there.. yay!

.. and guess what..
the setting is right at /etc/localtime

cat /etc/localtime

provide me the answer as ;



then I can set on my Acquisition Electronic (AE) as below :
p/s : the answer turn out to be found without the net.. hahaha… just need be creative enough looking for it..
maybe can ask this sort of question to candidate..

“Ok.. the NTP setting for timezone for Malaysia is MST-0800..
provided you had a linux laptop …
explain how can you find the timezone for a country such as Papua New Guinea ..
without having to get to internet.. ”

(handle him a laptop with a CentOS livecd.. and give him about 30minute to come with at answer)

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3 Responses

  1. Uncle Foobar says:

    Hey! Thanks for this! Great walkthrough.

    I just downloaded and played with this myself
    for the first time, and i enjoy getting directions
    for stuff to look at.

    Another alternative to the two part USB files:
    in the readthisfirst file, there is a list of mirrors
    to the ISO worldwide.

    Also: i did the wget app download (you might
    want to “blank out” the first failed attempt)

    Question: where is the “app store” for
    Android stuff? is it an app? is it like Cydia
    for jailbroke iphones?

    I want to walk around in the softs a bit.



    • namran says:

      Uncle Foobar : ok.. had ‘blank out’ the first failed attempt on the app installation due to typo error of the app url..

      App store for Google Android is available at

      however.. it may not available at your mobile due to some TELCO / countries restriction..
      please check the local Android user community..
      or just go to


  2. ahstod says:

    App Store is not open-sourced, hence not in these kind of builds. You need to have some agreement with google to distribute it on your “phones”.

    You can browse what’s available in the market through the following hack from the same guy who brought you cydia on the iphone.

    Having said that … those who have rooted android phones … can probably download an app from the market and “share” it with you …


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