XUbuntu review

XUbuntu 8.10 ..
it has almost everything that one need to continue work..

provided the connectivity to net..
it has Firefox.


it has the pidgin for instant messaging and abiWord for writer…
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AbiWord can the file as *.odt , *.doc and many more..

it has image editor ( GIMP 2.1.6)

image manipulation program..
it has Remote Desktop Viewer..

winxp-screen via remote desktop viewer

it can also browse youtube after updating the Adobe Flash plugin..


and its also got Terminal for whoever like to see what is inside..

it has thunderbird..for mail client..

transmission for torrent client..
that’s all for the moment.. I believe a lot other more feature that might be interesting for you.. but not covered here..

for me the above was essential enough..

p/s : what else holding you ..then? keep up the good work..!

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