SSH to home via k300i ..

hmm.. seem impossible ?

not at all..

download MidpSSH from

from intro..

MidpSSH is an SSH and Telnet client for MIDP 1.0 / 2.0 (J2ME) devices such as Java(tm)-capable cellphones and other mobile devices.

if transferring using ProLific USBtoSerial your k300i

need to rename this file as


mind the capital extension name.. else it will not install.

then.. try to run it..

create new session..

enter the username,password.. host.. and what so ever there.

unfortunate cannot manually set the port number…

so it will be default only as 22.

and then press connect..

and viola.. it reply.. and brought u to the console..

from other machine can check the existance of the new connection..

try  make a public announcement by pressing input…

and try enter this

wall "say something here"

from the other side can see… this.. meaning to say.. you are there.. hahahaaha


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