How to create your own telegram sticker image

I have been using telegram quite on regular basis at the moment.
Interestingly, it remind me of old days of MiRC era where there is KuizBot and that kind of creature.

Couldn’t help but attracted to Telegram bot that could simulate the same thing.
Useful? see Waktu Solat bot reminding time to perform prayer.

And recently, there also sticker where user can customize their own smiley icon and let other also use it.

Want to know how to make it for your own too?

Well, out of curiosity to know how it work, I dig around and found out that apparently there is a bot to add your own sticker and publish it.

Here are the step to do it.

Just need to prepare the suitable image with transparent background.
( I prefer .png ) as in “export as” in GIMP.

In GIMP , it pretty much easily done by any graphic designer.
There is a tool to extract subject from the background image.


By using “Free Select Tool”, outline the subject that isolate them from the background.


Note : you may want to invert it before cut or just simply copy and paste to new file with transparent background also can.

After that, resize the canvas tu 512px x 512px.


export as .png

then using telegram, send a message to @stickers


then followed by

then just follow the instruction.

specify the sticker name

and the smiley for that sticker.


then finally upload the image that have been created earlier.



done.It then can be used anywhere in telegram, group or message or channel.


Pretty much easy, yet powerful if use for marketing purpose. 🙂
Need help? drop us an email or comment below.

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