Google Web Toolkit on Eclipse and CentOS 5.4

Google had developed a development toolkit for building web application and optimizing complex web-based application.

Guess what?

It was meant to be written in “java” ways.. which could lead to ..”write the code once .. and run anywhere ”
the technology is pretty neat and very helpful , after writing the code in java format ..
oh well.. one thing that i do love bout java is the modularity of each feature/lib.

So.. it help to get thing organized and structured properly… ( at which sometime had failed me to start.. *grin*)
after done with writing the app in java code, get it compiled by Google Web Toolkit..
then get the output files in JavaScript, css, HTML..
later these output files can be uploaded / hosted anywhere you like.
either tomcat .. jetty .. or just httpd with proper lib.

Hmm.. somehow just doesn’t work well with RPC thing yet..

on my laptop and some our dedicated machine.. its work flawlessly..


You can download the SDK at

while the showcase on what GWT can do at

p/s : Hmm.. I am personally thinking that .. office hour at office/client site.. is meant for “meeting”.. “collecting info and stuff via talking”..
“entertaining”.. “answering phone” .. while the real development work .. only start after the “office hour” — anyone else feel the same?
need some help here.. if can get anyone to start working together with me.. feel free to apply / recommend someone /send your resume to ..
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  1. ahstod says:

    No OpenJDK ?


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