How to crimp a network cable

How to crimp a network cable

Tools needed to ‘crimp’ network cable :

1. UTP cable ( CAT 5e .. CAT 6.. )
2. RJ45 Crimper ( Can get from at price RM 15 or so )
3. RJ45 plug

Optional :
4. RJ45 plug cover
5. RJ45 cable tester.
6. wire stripper
7. wire cutter ( sometime comes with crimper already ..)

Procedures :
1. measure the UTP cable and cut with the desired lenght ..
2. Strip of all insulation from UTP cable ( plastic core, white clothing.. ) at length about half inch.
3. Untangle all the wire inside there. straighten it ..
4. Put it RJ45 plug cover .
5. re-arrange and flattened the wire to have something like this.

– from my left hand side..

for straight cable :

1. white orange

2. Orange

3. white green

4. blue

5. white blue

6. green

7. white brown

8. brown

for cross-over cable :

1. white green
2. green
3. white orange
4. blue
5. white blue
6. orange
7. white brown
8. brown

6. after satisfied with that, cut the wire without disrupting its arrangement. ( make sure is straight cut. )
7. push the wire into the RJ45 plug and put it into RJ45 crimper.
make sure the wire reach the end of the RJ45 plug .. at which the golden pin with then hold the wire.

8. Press the crimper handle until can hear ‘klak’.. pin should be connected to the wire by then.

9. repeat step 1 – 8 for the other end of the UTP cable.

10. Test with cable tester.
LED shall flash in a sequences… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 .
no jump .. no missing LED flash..then its shall be fine.

repeat 1 -10 until all the network cable is ready..!!

Ok.. that ‘s all..

p/s : sometime i couldn’t recall some memory.. even though had been doing this procedure repeated for 108 times past few year.. 🙂
I hope this post shall become my reminder for me .. next time..

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