How to install CentOS via HTTP – parallel for 20 PC.

first of all.

Setup the HTTP repository with something like the following setup ..

mount -o loop /home/namran/iso/CentOS-5.4-i386-bin-DVD.iso /var/www/html/centos
service httpd start

then boot of each machine with a DVD/ boot CD.

Get upto to boot menu and type

linux askmethod

wait.. till the following come up.. then remove DVD/CD from the drive. ( else it would still go to local media instead of HTTP *sigh*)

then just proceed as usual..

choose keyboard…

choose installation method .. ( HTTP )

configure tcp/ip

manual ip address as we don’t want to messed up the whole network with a new DHCP server.. 🙂

hmm.. somehow is determining hostname..

finally .. enter the HTTP repository .. ( change the website to your IP address )

if succeed.. it shall shows the release notes.. screen as follow..

and .. the http log shall shows something like this.

tail -f /var/log/httpd/access.log

then.. just proceed as if for normal installation..

define partition… root pw .. package… bla.. till the end.

and move to the next machine.. repeat the same.

so .. in parallel.. would be something like this..

p/s : this can also be automated with the kickstart..
but have to make sure the hardisk structure is the same for the whole set of PCs..
which could be tricky if wanted to maintain the existing partition structure..
and risk is losing the whole data on those machine.. 🙂

so better off.. go to each machine.. configure the partition table.
verify it manually .. then only give a go !

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