Modifying .htaccess for WAMP in windows environment

Sometimes when want to use SEO friendly link, we got to modify mod_rewrite module in httpd
config file.

However in Joomla running on WAMPSERVER ( windows Apache, MySQL, PHP ) , the file was initially named as htaccess.txt

In order to make it work, the file shall be renamed to .htaccess instead.

Here is where the problem appear. when use “Windows Explorer” to rename this file
from “htaccess.txt” => “.htaccess”

Windows would complain as following : “You must type a file name. !”

Solutions :

use the “command prompt”
by pressure “Windows button” + “R” , type in cmd.

and type the following to change the desired folders :

cd D:/foldername

then.. the renaming above file would be as simple as

rename htaccess.txt .htaccess

Done renaming , then proceed to edit with your favourite text editor as usual.
Which , I personally prefer to use Notepad++

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