7 Habits of Highly Effective Muslim Husbands

Ok.. let’s see if we can go through this.

1. Balance between Career & Religion

A Muslim Husband must have balance.
He should work & strive in his career to provide for his family
and learn , understand and practice his deen/religion – strive for perfect balance.

2. Exercising , Staying Fit & Healthy

Many of us let ourselves go after marriage when it should be the other way around.
When we are fit , we can do more for our wives & children.

3. Dress well & with Ihsan ( Excellence )

It doesn’t mean we have to wear rich expensive clothes.
It means that our clothes are in good condition , we smell nice & we look presentable.

4. Help out around the house – Clean !

Things like working full-time , cooking , cleaning & taking care of the kids are all part of her daily regimen.
The wifey will be more than happy if we can take some of that load off her.

5. Read Quran

A Muslim Husband is the leader of a Muslim Family.
He need to be setting the examples for his wife & children.
That is why it is important we read the Quran.

6. Take your wife out — Plan Stuff.

Every wife likes to be taken out , no matter religious she is.
We also don’t have to be rich either to do so.
Go to the mall , try out new halaal restaurants or just do something fun.
Plan it. !

7. Help with meals

Even though shariah doesn’t say that a wife must cook for her husband, must do !
As a Muslim Husband, we should help with cooking dinners & preparing meals.
This will alleviate some of the load off her & she will be very thankful
we at least trying to assist – Inshallah.

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