Upgrading Galaxy Note to Ice Cream Sandwich ( Android 4.0.3)

Well, Samsung have officially rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for Galaxy Note.

I just downloaded the Kies-Air from Samsung website and followed all the instruction.

It will install all the necessary driver for USB to Galaxy Note device too.

Then, once completed..

Plug in the device into USB port for the first time and run Kies.

It will popup the following automatically.. (if not yet upgraded)

1. Just click on “Update” button and the rest will follows..

2. Agree to the attached term.

3. Acknowledge the “notes”

4. Downloading “Updates” start..

5. Preparing “Firmware”…

6. Starting..

7. Completed. !

then it will reboot the phone..

.. yeah !

shining new OS.

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