Fedora Core 11 live screenshot

Managed to download a 689Mb

[namran@nb-namran iso]$ ll -h Fedora-11-i686-Live.iso 
-rw-rw-r-- 1 namran namran 689M Jun 10 18:49 Fedora-11-i686-Live.iso

The live iso was downloaded from a japan mirror.
and also

[root@fedora fc11]# ll -h
total 3.5G
-rw-rw-r-- 1 namran namran 3.5G Jun 11 18:33 Fedora-11-i386-DVD.iso

the ISO for 3.5Gb DVD image was downloaded from UPM mirror.. i think..

the screenshot of FC11 live is as below, as never had chance to install FC11 full yet.

The login screen :

FC 11 live login screen
FC 11 live login screen

The Desktop of FC 11 screen:

The bunch of application filed under “Internet section” :

Pidgin and Firefox..

Hmm.. i was trying to install it into Hardisk.. was it was uncompleted forever.. somesort of “BSOD” but instead of blue screen..
it got a spinning spinning icon which took forever to complete…

p/s : One comment though.. I still prefer the artwork of FC10 instead of the FC11.. hehehehe 😎

More for a bunch of screenshot during my attempt to install to hardisk of the fedora core 11 live into VMware..which had failed..
wait till got time to do installation of the Desktop version instead..




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3 Responses

  1. Uncle Foobar says:

    Hey! Thanks for this! Great walkthrough.

    I just downloaded and played with this myself
    for the first time, and i enjoy getting directions
    for stuff to look at.

    Another alternative to the two part USB files:
    in the readthisfirst file, there is a list of mirrors
    to the ISO worldwide.

    Also: i did the wget app download (you might
    want to “blank out” the first failed attempt)

    Question: where is the “app store” for
    Android stuff? is it an app? is it like Cydia
    for jailbroke iphones?

    I want to walk around in the softs a bit.



    • namran says:

      Uncle Foobar : ok.. had ‘blank out’ the first failed attempt on the app installation due to typo error of the app url..

      App store for Google Android is available at http://www.android.com/market/

      however.. it may not available at your mobile due to some TELCO / countries restriction..
      please check the local Android user community..
      or just go to http://developer.android.com/community/


  2. ahstod says:

    App Store is not open-sourced, hence not in these kind of builds. You need to have some agreement with google to distribute it on your “phones”.

    You can browse what’s available in the market through the following hack http://www.cyrket.com from the same guy who brought you cydia on the iphone.

    Having said that … those who have rooted android phones … can probably download an app from the market and “share” it with you …


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