How to connect to maxis broadband in ubuntu

Maxis USB 3G broadband that come with USB 3G Modem (Huawei E220).. is can be used in Ubuntu (8.10) , XUbuntu(8.10)..
virtually without any additional software to be installed.

here I will explain how to configure the Network Setting in Ubuntu to have it connected with
“Maxis Broadband”..

setup the broadband modem
select service provider countries..
scroll down until found “my | malaysia”
select service provider countries

after selecting malaysia.. a list of ISP will appear such as below:
select ISP

select a Maxis 3G (contract). .. [later could be just as “Maxis 3G (broadband)”.. if someone willing to update and poke the one who did it earlier.]

summary of the ISP

and icon will saying new connection created..
new connection created
almost done.. perhaps.. the only thing to change is the maxis APN to become “maxisbb”..

then we continue by clicking on the network icon edit-connection..


then a Network Connection properties will appear..
click on top tab to “Mobile Broadband”..
shall be able to see the maxis 3g contract .


press edit… and answer allow the keyring thing..
allow keyring..

change the APN from “unet” to “maxisbb” ..
apn unet

maxisbb apn
the previous one is “unet”.. which only applied to the postpaid 3G.

then clicking on network select to connect the Maxis 3G (Contract)..
list of network device..
it will changed the icon to spinning..

Starting PPP on device ttyUSB0

connection established

This APN thing only sensitive to Maxis and Digi.. but any value is acceptable for Celcom..

~ for celcom can actually put in anything in APN box..and it just worked..

to disconnect… click the same icon and there will be a list again..and click disconnect.
list of connected network

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  1. ahstod says:

    Copy the /boot/config.2.6.x.x.x.el5 from centos into your kernel source directory as .config, and “make oldconfig” … and them make menuconfig and tweak from there. That brings your kernel config as close to the original centos settings as possible …

  2. gratis downloaden says:

    Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

  3. namran says:

    well.. it worked for me..

    much depend on how did u want to use it..

    … this is just another note for me.


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