Using alternative DNS Server other than current ISP

Most of time we tend not to know what is the DNS server that is being provided by our ISP.

Just assign a Dynamic IP then login, let it handle the rest of the process.May be because we are lazy or just too busy to do other important work . 😎

But recently , the surfing become incredibly slow, as
at the status bar of the browser can be seen as

“Resolving ” bla..bla..

Hmmm… something is a miss..

Upon checking up.. it turn out the DNS server is not resolving correctly.Then thing can be better if we are using alternative DNS Server other than what is being provided by ISP.

One of the example for alternative DNS server is

1. jaring DNS server at
2. OpenDNS server at &
3. Own DNS server for intranet/WAN structure.

I prefer the OpenDNS server, because of some sort of smart-cache feature..which somehow pointing user to some direction whenever the real DNS record is unreachable..
Eliminating frustrating authoritative DNS outages to the end user..

To use OpenDNS DNS server for resolving all DNS query
we have to change some setting in our own pc/laptop/router.

For Linux user just need to edit /etc/resolve.conf

to have something like this.


Plus, no maintenance needed at all, compared to our own DNS server.

More info about DNS.


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