How to capture screen from K530i

With great difficulties.. I was using another camera phone to capture

my k530i screen..

and only managed to get up to this level only..


It was bad.. i know..

then I saw my friend showing screenshot captured from his

Android .. really jealous.. so clear.. like the real one.

as captured directly from the phone screen..

Then I did a “Google” search for  “Screen Reader for Sony Ericsson”

first few result was rubbish.. pointing to some sort of malware marketing..

then eventually bumped to here ..

execute it..

will have screen like this..


then only realized.. need to connect the USB to phone cable.. to get the serial port..

Hmm.. plugged USB cable to phone cable.. DCU-110 if not mistaken..

need USB driver.. download from here

.. after installed all driver..

check the port .. at “Device Manager”


then.. I know the serial port emulated for my K530i is at COM10 & COM7..

Just set the screen Reader accordingly.. .. Press “Connect”..

there will be screen size reported from the drop down menu..

play with the phone a bit.. (in case it is sleeping.. no screen can be captured..)

press “Read” button.. it will have something like this..



then just press save.. to save it.. only bitmap filetype is available at the moment…

and the final result.. is something like this..


hehehe.. now can start documenting.. some nice feature..

A known failed way to do it (without USB-to-phone cable):

previous attempt was trying with

1. VMWare running windows XP.

2. on/off bluetooth swith to attach laptop’s built-in bluetooth into Windows XP guest..

3. tried to install bluetooth driver..

Failed..and its complain the chips id is different..

p/s :  this software is running on windows XP… .

either it work or not in vmware via USB cable.. have yet to try ..

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