and this from satellite tool kit.

using Satellite Tool Kit(STK) to simulate the motion of our satellite.. in order to

determine the best orbit configuration to achieve our desired result..


more info .. @

if you’re lucky can get free CD. to evaluate the product.. which i had during my degree course.. 😛

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2 Responses

  1. myxery™ says:

    there are few mistakes there.
    1)the notebook is Macbook not Macbook Pro
    2)the LCD is 22-inch. Couldn’t afford to buy 32″.
    3)last but not least, iPhone first generation ppl called iPhone 2G (EDGE) instead of G1 coz the term G1 led to confusion with HTC/Google Android G1

    :p . Just my 2 cent.

  2. ahstod says:

    No need to compare lah … if you do that forever you will not be satisfied with what you have, especially when it comes to material things. There will always be someone with a faster car, bigger house, cooler gadgets. You can spend forever in the rat race trying to keep up … or try to find happiness in the life that we already have.

    Attaining all those things come with more challenges attached as well. I believe God will grant us these once we are really ready for them.

    Life is like playing Lode Runner … need all sorts of strategies and tactics to survive and cope, and make it through the day. Once you have mastered them … what do you get? Next level, with more challenges! And is like that all the way … 😎


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