How to set pidgin status to reflect current song on pidgin and linux..

Somehow , out of middle the nite.. while playing on Media Player plugin and Gtalk..
why not try to make it work on linux as well..

well.. after a few google search.. found out the are pidgin-musictracker plugin..

to start..
need to get the source at select the version 0.4.6 if you’re using CentOS 5.2 ..
coz i did’nt succeed to compile 0.4.7 onward as it requiring for dbus 0.73 and bla.. bla..

you  may need pidgin pidgin-devel dbus-glib dbus-devel

to compile..

tar xjfv pidgin-musictracker-.0.4.6.bz2
cd pidgin-musictracker-0.4.6
make check

then as root

make install

this will install the plugin into /usr/lib/pidgin

then restart the pidgin to see the plugins..

go to Tools-> Plugins.

the scroll till can see

Music Tracker..

highlight then press configure..

at the Playing format..

enter the something as following at the start of the line..

%m %t by %p %m using (%r)


it will show something like this on your friend’s Buddy List ..  screenshot on (Pidgin 2.3.1-2.el5_2)


XMMS/Audacious 1.3: Title format needs to be set as ‘%p | %a | %t’ in the players preferences. Delimiter choice ‘|’ can be changed in musictracker settings.

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