Playing Counter Strike with ex- schoolmate and friend

Sometime feeling like such as old days while
playing counter-strike between classmate / coursemate / .. and between “Desasiswa” via USM LAN..

that was quite close to bring me back 5 year ago.. ahahahaha..

Until the day I met with my old friend having his IPhone , PS3 with 22” LCD, MacBook in one room..

IPhone.. G1
IPhone.. 2G (EDGE) 16GB


then I realize how far behind I was left..

Most of my past 5-10 years friend falls into any of these category :

1. Got married and already having baby or going to have baby soon…
2. Went to oversea , pursue their study in Master.. and came back.. married..
3. Finished medical course.. being a doctor.. pursuing a life.
4. Stuck with childhood behavior (i.e playing game, hang around .. as having no commitment yet)
5. Stuck with career development, sent to oversea or somewhere… not even having any gf.
6. Lost contact.. no news at all.
7. Stuck with the net.. addicted to friendster, facebook, myspace..
8. none of above.

which has reminded me .. I left my High School (after SPM) exactly for ten (10) year already.. *sigh*..

yet… suddenly I felt like being left way too far behind compared to others…

no wife..
no astro..
no hi-tech gadgets..
no properties..
no retirement plan ..
no next year plan …
no cars.. hahahahaa..

time to move forward .. !

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