Administrator tool for centos

Cpanel is a Administrator tool which I believe a lot of us might be familiar with ..
But being an administrator of the system itself one doesn’t really need such huge tool to
support day-to-day operation unless you’re planning to host a lot of virtual host at one place..

Nevertheless that would be a lot more option to do that efficiently also.
as only need to add line at vhost in httpd and point the A record in server,
add access to ftp folder and all.. well, that wouldn’t be easy enough to support > 1000user at a time..
[ad#postad] Well.. if doesn’t even reach 10 user.. I don’t think it is a wise option .. anyway
not worth a hassle and some more need to pay for cpanel license..

USD 427 a year.. is about RM 1494.00 a year.. or RM 124.00 per month..
lol.. license only .. not included the nameserver / domain hosting and all yet..
why not as well buy a reseller package from here
which will cost you about RM 130/month with 60Gb hardisk and can host upto 37 account.

some screenshots from the setup process..
got auto-heal..

Auto Heal
Auto Heal

EULA at first step after complete.


Well.. as per my experience.. I would prefer DirectAdmin instead of the cpanel for administrator is
you’re dealing with costumer of having tendency to manage their own domain. i.e pointing the MX to gmail for instance.
Some of big hosting company already include option their customer to choose either DirectAdmin or Cpanel,
depend on user preference actually.
[ad#postad] And for small scale administrator it would be enough with just Webmin as administrator tool..
Nevertheless , I would still prefer the ssh with root login and poke around with config myself instead..
It would reduce the unnecessary load to the server itself.. One even suggest to stop webmin services
whenever not using it and just start it only when need to do something with it..

If got “someone” above to report to..
Awstats and all other report generator still would be able to fulfill the need of
understanding the utilization of the server itself. Other tool you may ask..
that would be TorrentFlux.. BitComet with HTTP interface and all..

Well, Squid report generator do reveal a lot of thing but not I think it would not played well with the staff privacy and all..


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  1. dotsha says:

    Since “?” in bash wildcard matches exactly one character …

    rm -f ??????????

    would be faster to type … 😎


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