Reading Campaign by National Library of Malaysia

Reading campaign have been launched by National Library of Malaysia.
I can see a lot of banner at the library itself, but hardly seen anywhere else.
May I should put it up at my blog also .. hehe 🙂

Well, here is the banner .

the URL given is at here.

( one comment : the website look a bit childish.. hahahaha )

During my patronage at National Library, I can’t help but to notice that :

[ad#postad] 1. Books at the main library hall is sometime quite new and up to date. (+1)
2. While books at the “loan” section located at “Wisma Sejarah” is a bit out-dated (-1).
3. There are a lot fictions book at the “Wisma Sejarah”. Could be useful for those like to read this kind of book.(+1)
4. There are section at the level-3 for “overseas” or “foreign” news paper and magazine. At which I can find
“Herald Biz review” and also “New York Times”.. (of course got few day lag/delay lah..) (+1)
5. At the ground floor there are PCs i think.. but without chair.. so
only got kid playing game. hardly any adult nearby.. 🙂 ( no comment )
6. the power adapter for laptop is charged at RM8. per socket ?? ( yet no wifi.. *sigh*)
7. the canteen in front of “kids library” is kinda nice.. but a bit crowded during lunch time..
8. parking lot is almost full most of the time due to construction..
and got banner saying/suggesting us to “take public transport BUS rapid KL NO : B114. or taxi”..
this part can’t help but to notice that rapid KL had restructured their ‘fare plan’…
[ad#postad] now need to pay “RM 1.90” per “one-way-route”.. no return trip.. no 2nd,3rd.. unlimited trip like before .. *sigh*
and this “RM 1.90” is varied depend on which zone to take.. A,B,C,D…

Hmm.. that’s kinda a long list already lah…. !!

let’s get to MPH/Kinokuniya or just read “Google reader” instead..

p/s : reading is learning from someone else experience……

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3 Responses

  1. ahstod says:

    going ubuntu? you’ll still need centos5 VM to compile centos binary and RPMs …

  2. `narumi says:

    welcome to ubuntu world heh2..

  3. namran says:

    Is not going ubuntu..

    the above post is due to ‘silly’ mistake of pressing ‘next’..

    next time not to trust default
    setting of distro installation playing with
    ‘real’ partition..

    managed to recover some partition with

    .. my “/home” is still missing ,though..
    collecting bit by bit at the moment..


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