Konsep Asas Dalam bidang saham – Bijak Wang 30 Oct 2009

Ok . Bijak Wang on Friday,30 October 2009, discussed about “the basic to become a share holder”..
and also touch a bit bout how to evaluate a company.. plus ‘ syariah compliance ‘ consideration..

There is something at the starting of the show that attract my attention.
One program at the “Money Tree” to expose the real-life example as a game to learn financial
for the kid age as young as 9 years old.

Admittedly , the education have not prepared us with sufficient knowledge about financial planning in life.
This program however create the most needed awareness of financial problem that would happened in real-life.
Hmm.. one quote was .. no one teaching about this financial.. not at school.. not at home ( parent neither ).

so.. this program is truly a good start lah.. 🙂
( may be can try join those class one day.. )

Anyway.. there will a dedicated website for bijak wang and all the slide to be announced by next week.
Until then.. feel free to browse the screenshot below ( all copyright belong to tv3 ):

konsep asas dalam bidang saham1

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konsep asas dalam bidang saham3

konsep asas dalam bidang saham4

konsep asas dalam bidang saham5

konsep asas dalam bidang saham6
[ad#postad] konsep asas dalam bidang saham7

konsep asas dalam bidang saham8

konsep asas dalam bidang saham9

konsep asas dalam bidang saham10

konsep asas dalam bidang saham11

konsep asas dalam bidang saham12

konsep asas dalam bidang saham13

konsep asas dalam bidang saham14

konsep asas dalam bidang saham15

konsep asas dalam bidang saham16

konsep asas dalam bidang saham17

konsep asas dalam bidang saham18

konsep asas dalam bidang saham19

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7 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    My comment on buy now or buy later (rent and save now)

    Pros of buying now:
    – you get current market price (never know the price in future. 99% possibility to go up)
    – never know BLR in future (might go down) but current rate is very very low
    – value of the house may increase. Maybe 10% p.a. (more than what you get from dividend)
    – if something happened to you, your wife/family can get the house and continue living (takaful/insurance covered your outstanding)
    – you wont’t get rich in other ppl’s house. haha

    Point missed
    – Not touch a lot on flexi home loan which link with your saving/current. Maybe because Maybank (the sponsor doesnt have any). You can cut your interest/bank’s profit a lot if you know how to take advantage.

    Thanks for sharing this. I just watched the 2nd half of the talk.

  2. namran says:

    Dear azwan,
    thanks for the reply..
    i’m still learning..
    a bit new in this..(nearly failed)..

    According to the advertisement this morning at IKIM.fm

    there will a ‘bengkel’ for this finance related thingy..

    – ‘labur’ or ‘lebur’
    – where / what to consider regarding finance.
    – how not to ended up as a ‘bankrup’ at the end
    – why not only ‘accountant’ should really managed their finance.

    and few others..
    it was said to be charged at RM 200.00
    at to be held on 22nd July 2009.
    at Dewan Besar,IKIM.

    8.30 pagi hingga 4.30 petang | Dewan Besar, IKIM

    i think i heard it was said more info to be accessible at http://ppli.ikim.gov.my

    but somehow..only managed to get up to this page only..

    but..until now ..
    I still can’t get that damn form downloaded/printed out ..though.. *grrr*

    let’s see..

  3. firdani says:

    Thanks for your sharing… Get the full slide Bijak Wang TV3 now here… http://www.wangkocek.blogspot.com
    It’s Totally free for all..

  4. rui says:

    can i have slide about EPF on bijak wang last few week, i really need the info.

  5. namran says:
  6. George says:

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  7. Elisabeth Topping says:

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