Reclaim Hardisk space on /

Once in a while , whenever I checked my disk space usage ..

for / it goes up to 90% and left barely 1Gb out of 19Gb..

so whenever I did a yum install <bigthing>

it complain space insufficient..

it was allocated 19Gb for / .. and the rest goes to /home..

19Gb would be doubled of what being needed to do a full package install of CentOS.. as it only require upto 8-9 Gb..
was thinking to re-format this whole thing.. but wait.. may be it just time to do some clean up..
goes into runlevel 3 with

telinit 3

remove all temporary file

rm -rf /tmp/*
rm -rf /var/tmp/*

remove old kernel and kernel-devel

rpm -q kernel
yum remove kernel-<old-version-number>

and recheck the disk usage..


then it freed up to 7-8 Gb..disk-usage-namran1

Seem back to normal.. don’t need to re-format.. Yay~

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3 Responses

  1. HawkEYE says:

    I got better one after a few minute..
    by adding this two line before line 602 (/usr/share/system-config-network/netconfpkg/gui/

    if (not isinstance (host.Hostname, str)):

    now it works like charms again.. hehe.. 😎

  2. UncleOp says:

    This was helpful. Summary: if the /etc/hosts file is not well-formed, the python script doesn’t handle it well. In my case, somehow a long entry that was commented out got “line wrapped”, leaving some uncommented garbage on the next line. Fixing the hosts file or adding the above patch “worked”. It seems that some complaint to the user should be generated in such a case, though.

    • HawkEYE says:

      @UncleOp , Glad it help.. thanks for dropping by..


Anything to add?