Mail Server doubt.

On a beautiful morning at somewhere of the Earth ..
one of the three gentlemen raise one surprise question..

“Where did you put your company mail server ?”
the other one answered..
“I put it somewhere at private hosting company .. (Locus)”..
and the other one.. added..
“might want to consider GMail hosted mail.. as can also point the MX there..
and the chat will also work and all..”

.. here come.
“But I rather put it at our own office at which I know..
all my email is on RAID 5 hardisk..
which is having nightly backup to a remote site..
if anything ever happened..
I know my email is safe there and not too worried before going to sleep..”
if it is using Google Mail Hosted services ..
if one day.. “it happened to be inaccessible..” for whatever reason.
and your “CEO” or someone above is asking you what happened..
what number did you dial to get
the real thing up & running again ?..
None .. as it is free..
so we tend to take it for granted..~.
.. yeah.. sometime streamyx also suck.. but we got the number to call in and complain.. and made us excused…
at least at some point you would not able to see the CEO “jumping” that much…

hahahahaa.. !

p/s : how bout yours ?

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