Mobile internet access tip ~ Saudi Arabia

while I was traveling at Saiudi Arabia . I bought a local SIM card .. so that the cost could be lowered for ..
“where are you now ?” contact between my trip partners.

the one easily got at that time was
Mobily SIM Card. which cost only SAR 20.
and included the credit of SAR20.

not need passport or whatsoever.
it was advised to carry around the passport and the wallet.. ( scared of thief and pick pocket )
however , if you’re paranoid it is enough carry along the photostat copy of said document around.

for the intenet.

Under ‘SIM Toolkit.”

somehow nexus already having default setting for this.

I had “mobily” ..

It had the following setting as default .is my Nexus One ..
but it is NOT working for internet access..

I believe this is for MMS .

then for the WEB1 .. i think this one for WAP and Internet.

BUT that is not made my nexus one able to connect to internet.
after poking around with it seeing some config using other phone which was connected almost automatically.
noticed that .. it had the APN as web2 instead web1.

even though from the website of
is still showing to use web1.
[slider title=”Mobily Mobile Data for prepaid”]

Now, with Mobily Data Bundles you can enjoy the high speed internet with the lowest price in the Kingdom, at any time and from any where using your mobile.

These bundles will be available to all postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

The Mobily internet basic bundle is all ready activated to all mobily subscribers by default.

The monthly cost of Mobily Data Bundles is described in the following table:

Package Monthly Fee (SR) Included Free (MB) additional MB
Internet Basic Free 0 SR 2.048
Internet 30 MB 10 30 SR 2.048
Internet 100 MB 25 100 SR 2.048
Internet 1 GB 100 1,024 SR 2.048
Internet 5 GB 200 5,120 SR 2.048
Unlimited Internet 350 Unlimited

For subscription please call our customer service agent 056-010-1100, or visit us at any Mobily outlets.

To have the internet settings:

Send number “2” in a text messages to 1100
Use mobily menu command *1100# (From left to right)
Find out the detailed steps for your mobile model bellow:

Sony Ericsson K700i

Menu ? Connectivity ? Data communication ? Data accounts ? New account ? Add
Select GPRS data
Name: Mobily internet
APN: web1
No User ID or Password
Back to Connectivity ? Internet setting ? internet profiles ? New profile
Fill these information:
Name : Mobily internet
Connect using ? Add new accounts ? select PS data
Account name : Mobily internet ? in new PS data
Fill these info :
APN : web1
User name : No
Password: No
Proxy : No
Port : NO

so I just need to change the APN to “web2” instead of web1.

and rebooted the phone once.
(my phone was on airplane mode before that.. only enable WIFI ..
purposely to avoid international roaming cost unnecessarily)

then.. yay ! connected to HSPDA!

did tried to subscribe the bundled data 30MB ..
but to no avail.. no confirmation SMS received at all. I had to bear the basic internet.
which cost SAR 2.048 for each 1MB..

p/s : you might want to turn off the auto-sync of the incoming email attachment..
and the background online data access on nexus. else .. it would drained the SAR 10
prepaid almost instantly.. once.. last only 5minutes.. on HSDPA mode.
because there are some emails which had an attachment is somehow 3MB. each..
and only 3 piece of such email would do.. 😉

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