Visiting around during Umrah

we managed to visit Jabal Rahmah.

that was after get around the mina – arafah – mudzalifah ..
which had a lot of tent..

then arrived at the “Jabal Rahmah”..~ a place where Nabi Adam meet Hawa for the first time after being expelled from Jannah.

there is “camel ride” available..

.. but I DID NOT even eager to try this ride at all.. hehehe.
preferred to walk up the stair to the top..
just curious to see what was the view from the top.

so , I walked up to the top..
up there..
got conned or coaxed to have “instant photo” at the cost of
SAR 10 per photos.. there are 11 of them.. (shared 6 are mine.. 5 are paid by my partner)
(plain traveler’s mistake – TIP : Do not ask or respond to salesmen ).

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  1. maya says:

    I tried your satay. unfortunately it worst than ‘pasar malam’ they served me a ice cool satay eventhough its burn. I did asked your indon worker “why its cool” and the answer ” sudah dibakar “. It worst for hati ayam satay.


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