The thing that I learned from my visit to Phoenix , Arizona

1. the people are friendly and nice to each other . .. during transit in LRT at phoenix.. each of the passenger can speak/talk to other without a fear..
(i might be wrong.. hahhahaa) at least seeing each other shared a joke.. instead of just buckle up and pretend no-one else at the same place..
(i’d missed the “No Pant Day” .. just for the sake of fun .. a bit radical to hope it happened in Malaysia..)

2. the U.S Airport security clearance procedure is not as bad as the pre-described by others before.
(I’d bring my laptop there.. separate out my laptop from other item.but still got scanned using the same scanner as for other item also.)
yeah.. must remove the shoes and put into a plastic box and got it scanned with same machine.. hehe

3. if you asked for halal food.. or asked is it got pork / something non-halal.. most of the shop will explain which one can be eat.
normally just fish & some vegetables..


4. Halal food served by some restaurant also.. just need to ask.. and if you’re lucky enough someone even will give guide/direction to that shop.
(from my hotel suite … i just need to walk for about 15minute to get to the nearest halal shop… i’d heard got a few more halal shop nearby also..)
zam-zam-world-food2 zam-zam-world-food

5. the public transport is reliable enough to get to the destination around the city .. (convention centre, shopping

and the road is walkable.. got sidewalk trail beside the big road.. and the car did STOP whenever seeing any pedestrian crossing the road..
(PED X)..


6. The service based personnel..(waiter, bus driver, cashier..) whoever deal with customer .. mostly will greet their customer.. with a
“Hi, how are you ?”.. bla.. bla..or anything appropriate and ended with “Thank you, nice meeting you..” and if the customer ever said “Thank you”.. they will replied with “”You’re welcome.. ” or “It’s my pleasure..” without fail. 🙂

7. The technology being use by flood warning for the road.. is using UHF/VHF medium for communication.. based on my interview with the manufacturer/sales .. certain frequency have been allocated for drainage & flood mitigation or something.. and the manufacturer or private sector
can use it for free as long as the data is re-feed to the government for free.. and the private sector does’nt have any problem to comply
with the data sharing as they themselves making the sensor they bought more useful to the community beside for their own purpose..
and the VHF/UHF communication can be either one-to-one or one-to-many .. as per configuration..

8. The military department weatherman was using C-Band Satellite for their communication between mobile forecast unit and HQ.. or central.

9. The TCP-IP based architecture for data logger is still new at the moment and possible to be deployed on various site / scenario / configuration .

10. The TCP-IP linux-based data logger will be killer app for replacing windows-based server for each sub-station which will eliminate the need of requiring physically on-site for each patch.. plus the other advantage such as uptime , reliablity.. bla..bla..

11. The openness for the new thing is more sensible by U.S corporate representative compared to local..if you happened to explain something that might be new for them.. they will openly admit that they don’t even know that possible before.. and encourage you to tell more about what are you exactly doing/think.. unlike the normal we are facing with our corporate figure at here…” this cannot be done like that one.. bla.. bla. “and something alike..

12. last but not least.. now I understand what does it really mean by .. “Hujan emas di negeri orang.. Hujan batu di negeri sendiri…..”

now feel a bit more appreciate / grateful for being at homeland.. !


p/s : also realized where did  the “dot” came from.. USDOT .. hehe


and.. I think floor carpet do cause electrostatic charge build up whenever you walk a hall like this.. prepare for the static shock every time you touch something.


Else during handshake.. someone will shout .. “Hey..Check your finger..!”

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