Tok Bali – Fresh catch

Ok.. this is where i got my big and fresh squid from..


(i know .. the photos is lack of focus.. the road occupied more than half of the whole area..~ hahahaa)

the boat…


i read somewhere in newspaper or so.. someone complain about the foreign boat coming to this port..would bring negative
effect to the surrounding community in tok bali..
what the heck..~ expecting to close and let nobody in ?? – what I actually see from this activity is another economic advantage for Kelantan instead..
may be the complainer never had been onboard to the other place/port ..
and unable to actually realized the culture different is something defined within us..
and i think..
“no one become more malays by just blocking foreigner to get inside malays territory”..

.. and even worst.. the complainer not even a local !! .. craplah, rubbish talk only lah..!


… this is the best part..

“Nego blako”..
which could be translated as ..

“Make business out of Everything !!”

p/s : let’s move forward lah… ~

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3 Responses

  1. ahstod says:

    Wah you really have a sense of adventure!

    I’m curious how did you plan your journey … research up front or find out as you go ?

    • HawkEYE says:

      only main course/route were researched upfront.. i.e need get to seremban and then only got bus to get to PD.
      the rest of the detail were figured out as trip goes on..

      reach there then only select one of the available option..
      look around for sigboard, landmark and all.
      if all above fail.. then ask around.. which way to go to where.. and stuff like that.

      also sometime (and whenever comfortable) use handphone 3G/GPRS to access to ask for distance and direction.
      mainly when need to answer “how far more to go ?”
      as google map give exact distance from one location to another..
      then only can tell roughly how long and what to expect next..

      p/s : normally need not to answer..especially if going alone..!
      as this time I had my girlfriend accompany me all the way , so need to attend to her request also..
      else wouldn’t be that nice..:-)

  2. myxery™ says:

    pegi PD xajak..anyway g ngan saper?


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