Trip to Phuket ~ Phi-Phi Island Day Trip

On the 3rd day.. we managed to book the day trip package to Phi-Phi Island..
which is consist of series of island(s) visit, snorkeling session for 2 hour, seafood lunch,pick-up/drop-off to hotel..

it started at 7.45a.m.. so we had to have our breakfast at 6.45a.m ..
as usual we tend to eat a lot during being provided together with hotel rate.. 🙂

Only around 8.15 am .. the pick-up shuttle van arrived to “Lakeside” – Millennium Resort – to pick us up..

then it took about an hour to reach “Karon Beach”..

upon arriving .. we got a briefing by the tour guide.. and got sticker for boat number and car number..


here .. we also had to rent the swimming fin.. to avoid the foot injury due to ‘carol’ ??
.. and wait for our speedboat ..


there are a lot of tourist ..that day..
and to my surprise.. we got accompanied by another group of software developer(s) for a bank based in Singapore..
but all of them from India.. hmm.. but didn’t talked that much.. only up to introduction of what language / programming land
are being use and what firm.. (not security related.. or any sort of line debug discussion please… hahahaha 😎 )

Ok.. about another 45minute with boat.. we arrived at the first Island.. (Maya Bay Island) ..

according to farhan.. it is not that crystal clear yet.. ( he compare with semporna, sabah…)
we stop here for about 45minutes.. i think..

just walking around.. didn’t managed to do anything else.. ahhaha


after that.. we went aboard again.. to the snorkeling site.. (Thai swimming pool.. according to din…)
Hmm.. snorkeling .. ?? oh..well.. this is my first time.. hehehehe
most of the ‘mat saleh’ .. just jump into the sea… and play around.. (don’t have to wear safety jacket..)

Oh well.. i am not that expert in swimming.. better safe than sorry..
so I requested for the safety-jacket..wear it..
and.. jumped into the sea… then.. oh..shit.. how to use this google ?

hahahahahah.. i managed to ask a guy in the sea there.. “how to use this ?” (with my finger pointing to google)..
and without hesitation.. he teach me how to use it..

first 5minute.. trying to figure how to properly breath via the mouth and that air tube..instead of nose.. (tip : do not panic.. just remain calm.. and breath normally via mouth).

then.. after a while.. managed to enjoy the ‘art’ of snorkeling .. hahahaahhahaa…
( and also learned .. do not to dive too deep .. else the air tube would be filled with sea water.. muahahahahaa.. )


… the 1st snorkeling session finish about 30-45minute..
then we head to have lunch at phi-phi island..


island from afar…

then.. i think we went to Kai Island.. for another snorkeling/free session of 1-and-half-hour or so..


i had 2 round trip of swimming and snorkeling (with life-jacket..) .. the 2nd one was accompanied by ikhwan..
according to ikhwan.. “swimming can be really tiring.. “.. if without life-jacket.. i think could only last for 5minute.. hahahaha

around 4.15p.m , i think.. time to go home..
we started to move back …


and approximately around 6pm we arrived at hotel again..

p/s : that nite.. i was really exhausted.. 🙂 refused to go to “FantaSea”
so haven’t joined the others night activity like nite day before.. hehehe..

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