HD Audio in Windows XP SP3 (RC) – problem & solution

One friend seek a help to format his “Acer Aspire 4530” laptop..
It comes with a “Windows Vista 32-bit”.. but somehow the “OS” got corrupted , unable to boot…
Suspecting some BIOS problem according to here.
Asked for the original CD/DVD for recovery ..

“Oh.. tertinggal kat johor.. takleh buat ke takde cd?”

Hmm..eventually only managed to have “Windows XP SP3” DVD..
to get the “Windows XP SP3” installed on this laptop..

First.. changed the “Hardisk” SATA configuration in BIOS to become “IDE” mode..

As the “AHCI” is not a default supported by “Windows XP – SP3”..
“AHCI” its only comes after the “Windows XP” era..
too lazy to find ways to get around that ..
so changed to IDE instead..
as the end-user wouldn’t really care if had missed the beauty of “AHCI” & “Native Command Queuing” technology ..anyway..

After done with installation of “Windows XP – SP3”..
Download and install the “Updates” from “Microsoft Download Center”..
Get all the driver from Acer website , as there can specify what OS driver to downloaded..
All other can be detected properly …
nvidia graphic- ok..
atheros wireless -ok..
synaptic touchpad – ok…
card reader -ok..
webcam -ok..
chipset -ok..
[ad#postad] except for :

HD Audio Realtek — failed.. no sound.
HD Enabled Modem — failed..

Hmm.. a few google search.. turn out to be ..
It need addons “Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio Driver ” / “Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver”
for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Window 2000..
which is can be requested from here [support.microsoft.com].
which need to provide email address… and it will send the link to the email..
the archive file provided is “protected” with password that will expire within 7days..
and the files is about 67.5Mb… (bloody fat)..
Eventually you only need a file inside there named as “kb888111xpsp2.exe” under “us” folder..

[namran@nb-namran x86fre]$ ll -h kb888111xpsp2.exe 
-rw-rw-r-- 1 namran namran 704K Jan 10  2005 kb888111xpsp2.exe

now.. to install that patch..it will complain as not matching current running system..
(is “Service Pack 3 – SP3 ” while the patch is meant for “SP2”)..
and trick to turn to be..

Step 1: Run Regedit by Clicking on Start -> Run , type in regedit and press enter
“Start->run” “regedit”

Step 2: Make a backup of your registry (just in case)
Step 3: Browse to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows”
Step 4: Modify the value of “CSDVersion” from “0x00000300” (SP3) to the Windows XP SP2 value of “0x00000200”

"0x00000100"  (SP1)
"0x00000200"  (SP2)
"0x00000300"  (SP3)

Step 5: Apply the “UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio” hotfix..
re-run the “hotfix” files above…
after completed..
it should detect the “HD Audio Realtek” as below :
Step 6: Revert back the value of “CSDVersion” from “0x00000200” (SP2) to the Windows XP SP3 value of “0x00000300”
get into regedit again and change back that value to “SP3”

( you might need to reboot the system after registry change. )

that’s all..

the rest of driver of Realtek HD audio files would be available at the acer website itself..

p/s :
.. someone said its due to the RC for SP3 is not properly include the HD Audio. (goossh..)

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