How to write a post within 3 minutes ~ self-test header

Ever wonder if you are a good writer by nature ? (talent)
well .. this is a test that specifically suit to answer above question..

There is a quiz/survey coordinated by Cognitive Daily about this.

Within 3minutes.. without much thinking..
Type as much as you can..
and then see the result..
shall give a glimpse on how well we are actually… hehehe

I only managed to produce this short ..

Every single day we tend to do as much as we like.
But do we realized that every single thing that we did everyday have
major impact toward our own life.
That is someting inside us that are keep changing every day.

Our age for instance doesn't stay that long every day..
Believe it or not, there are days we feel so long and 
the other we felt is very short.
Nevertheless , we must live the life to it fullest.

Job and security can be meant something big to someone, 
but not necessarily the first thing in life to go for. 
Family is another major thing.

And most importantly is ourselves..

.. remaining unfinished text after 3 minutes is up .. hahaha

...meaning YOU!!..
yes YOU right there..!

wondering the word count ?
here is the screenshot when copy/paste above article into a OpenOffice Writer.

you can participate in the survey before 19th November 2009..
go and test yourself.. here

p/s : hehe.. should i retire from blogging then..? headerasd

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