My first SEO class.

I have entered my first SEO class.. hehehe..

got introductory course regarding SEO ..

Location : Techsense Office.

Date : 22 January 2009 @ 2.30p.m

well .. it happened during my recovery period from ‘jetlag’ .. so might as well learn new thing..

After class, the first thing I want to do was to upgrade my wordpress to 2.7 .. haha. got so many AJAX implementation everywhere..

here we go..

disabled all the plugin.. then via cpanel.. press upgrade.. and wait.. and pray hard..

after a while.. done.. huh~..

try refresh the wp-admin page..

suddenly server replied with something a miss

“Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand…”


hmm.. kinda panic..tried to re-activate all plugin from previous interface..

now got WordPress Failure Notice..

“Your attempt to activate this plugin: “shashin/Shashin.php” has failed.”


I think have to wait for a while .. or something..

stopping all the torrent activity..wait for a while.. refresh the wp-admin page..

~puff ~..

appear correctly with new interface… go to plugin page.. re-activate all.. .. success..

p/s  : unable to upload the screenshot as the uploader broke or my connection is now become worst.. got something like the one below whenever pressing add image button..

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function createAICode() in ../authimage.php on line 19”

how to recover from this .. ?

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6 Responses

  1. Stotti says:

    Hi namran, you should not use MD5 hashing as “encryption” for passwords. Why? I wrote in my blog how easy it is to crack MD5 passwords using local software (see ) and using online services (see ). These articles tell you how to crack MD5 hashes quite easily (for educational purposes only). So please don’t use MD5 as password “encryption”.

    Even SHA-1 is considered unsafe nowadays. Better use a new hashing mechanism such as SHA-256 or something similiar.

    Best regards

    • namran says:

      Hi Stotti,

      Thanks for your comment.

      apparently to change that to use SHA-256 ..
      just need to change the line ..
      to use sha256 by …

      and have to make sure the password field length in SQL table is long enough to store the hash..
      .. and you’ll be not able to add new user via phpMyAdmin interface as no built in sha256 interface there and have to calculate your password yourself..

      correct ?

  2. Brian says:

    Be sure to salt your hashes if you do use the MD5 algorithm. Simple reverse lookup attacks could crack your hashes otherwise. There are sites such as and that specialize in this sort of attack.


  3. Alessandro says:

    Hash cracker is a web-service that allows you to encrypt your passwords
    or crack your hashed passwords with MD5, SHA1 or NTLM algorithms.
    You can also encode or decode texts with Base64 system.

    Video tutorial:

  4. sterewete says:

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  5. Janett Dopazo says:

    Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks


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