Post Versioning in Wordpress 2.7

I’d just bumped onto one of the best feature on wordpress 2.7..
the Post Revisions.. allowing Admin to restore to the previous version in case of something..
also keep track of previous changes .. more alike CVS.. hehehe..


also make it possible to see what are the change / update that have been made between each version.


I found this useful enough if I tend to edit the same post more than once. .

.. haven’t bother to read the rest of feature list.. (mainly for back-end).. click here[] if want to see some other feature review.

p/s : thanks for head up from

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2 Responses

  1. HawkEYE says:

    perhaps.. disable the authimage plugin ..
    then shall be able to upload the new image again..

    hahaha.. something break.. i told you so..

  2. HawkEYE says:

    edited the authimage.php to become like this..

    if ($_GET[‘type’] == “text” && $_GET[‘blogcomment’]==”namrannet”) {
    } elseif ($_GET[‘type’] == “image” && $_GET[‘blogcomment’]==”namrannet”) {

    and edit the comments.php to include a hidden form id/name as blogcomment and value as namrannet


    don’t know if someone else understood this problem / solution or not..


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