Post Versioning in Wordpress 2.7

I’d just bumped onto one of the best feature on wordpress 2.7..
the Post Revisions.. allowing Admin to restore to the previous version in case of something..
also keep track of previous changes .. more alike CVS.. hehehe..


also make it possible to see what are the change / update that have been made between each version.


I found this useful enough if I tend to edit the same post more than once. .

.. haven’t bother to read the rest of feature list.. (mainly for back-end).. click here[] if want to see some other feature review.

p/s : thanks for head up from

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6 Responses

  1. Gripleineld says:

    winsome answers i like it

  2. sumatriptan says:

    works for me

  3. Sya Isya says:

    Thanks namran for the tips. it solve my problem. I put your entry link in my entry

  4. namran says:

    Dear Sya,
    Glad it help you to solve your problem..

    keep up ..


  5. nuno says:

    I have one problem.

    I use feedburner to create a feed agregation severall blogs. The Original feed url is:

    Is it possible to turn that adress into one Feedburner will process?

  6. nuno says:

    sorry, nevermind. my feed works. it’s just Facebook that does not accept it. I have enable the awareness API, but still Facebook rejects my feed, even the feedburner url:

    I hate Facebook more and more.


Anything to add?