Education is free,let’s share the knowledge and teach each other..

Education, at some point time before this.. it is a highly respected field.

Be it a teacher or a student.. each of them gain and have one kind of respect from the people / community..

But , since then.. time have changed everything..

Some place it is freely available ..
and at some place not so many can afford to have proper education and all..

And some.. making a lot of money out of this field..

yet.. we can hear the complaint here and there about the so-called ‘crooked’ education system..
seem like everything is a failure.. and one thing that I would really want to ask..

“What would you do to make it correct again ?”

just a ranting… mumbling.. won’t make it better.. though..

.. so, I hereby announced the availability of Learning Management System.. (LMS.) at 😎

is now available at

everyone is encouraged to join and provide whatever input that you may seem necessary..

p/s : this would then better suit my tagline of …

“Respect the intelligent , help who can’t afford…”

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